ASCII - Command BISSCNFG    
Syntax Transmit BISSCNFG [Data]    
Syntax Receive BISSCNFG <Data>   Available in  
Type Variable rw   MMI No
ASCII Format Integer16   CANBus Object Number 38B7 (hex)
DIM -   PROFIBUS PNU 1751 (dec) IND = 33 (dec)
Range -32768 .. 32767   DPR 951 (dec)
Default 0    
Opmode All   Data Type Bus/DPR Integer16
Drive State Disabled + Reset (Coldstart)   Weighting  
Start Firmware 5.06    
Configuration Yes   Last Change of this Object 2.14
Function Group feedback   EEPROM Yes
Short Description configuration parameter for BiSS-C


This parameter is used together with FBTYPE = 33. It defines how many bits are used for the position (or resolution) of the unidirectional communication of the BiSS-C feedback. Furthermore it defines the ative level of the error and warn bits in the frame.

From the BiSS spezification the error and warn bits were activ at 0. If it's necessary to inverse the bits you should add the followings bits.

Error Bit
0x1000 (4096) active 1

Warn Bit
0x2000 (8192) active 1