ASCII - Command OPTION    
Syntax Transmit OPTION    
Syntax Receive OPTION <Data>   Available in  
Type Variable ro   MMI Yes
ASCII Format Integer16   CANBus Object Number 35B5 (hex)
DIM -   PROFIBUS PNU 1781 (dec) IND = 1 (dec)
Range int (=Word)   DPR 181 (dec)
Default -    
Opmode All   Data Type Bus/DPR Integer16
Drive State -   Weighting  
Start Firmware 1.0    
Configuration No   Last Change of this Object 2.3
Function Group drive configuration   EEPROM No
Short Description Option Slot ID


The OPTION command returns the identification for the slot card that has been detected. The following IDs are possible at present:
H0000 no slot card detected
H01xx I/O-expansion card
H20xx RODSSI (only S700)
H21xx SAFETY (only S700)
H06xx  client-specific
H8xxx client-specific
H88xx EtherCat

The least significant 8 bits (xx) indicate the hardware revision of the corresponding card.