ASCII - Command J    
Syntax Transmit J [Data]    
Syntax Receive J <Data>   Available in  
Type Command   MMI Yes
ASCII Format Float   CANBus Object Number -
DIM rpm (velocity) / ms (Time)   PROFIBUS PNU -
Range -15000.0 .. 15000.0 (=velocity),long int (Time)   DPR No
Default -    
Opmode 0   Data Type Bus/DPR -
Drive State Enabled   Weighting  
Start Firmware 1.0    
Configuration No   Last Change of this Object 1.0
Function Group velocity loop   EEPROM No
Short Description Service Function: Constant Velocity


The command J <n> <t> can be used to define a constant velocity <n> (in rpm) for a defined time <t> (in msec). If the <t> entry is missing, the drive runs continuously.