Syntax Transmit LASTWMASK [Data]    
Syntax Receive LASTWMASK <Data>   Available in  
Type Variable ro   MMI No
ASCII Format Integer32   CANBus Object Number 36CE (hex)
DIM -   PROFIBUS PNU 1662 (dec) IND = 17 (dec)
Range long int   DPR 462 (dec)
Default -    
Opmode All   Data Type Bus/DPR Integer32
Drive State -   Weighting  
Start Firmware 1.0    
Configuration No   Last Change of this Object 1.0
Function Group drive configuration   EEPROM No
Short Description Fault history of WMASK


WMASK gives the possibility to create a mask to change warnings to errors. If the F24 occurs, LASTWMASK displays the warnings that caused the error.