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Cartridge DDR Motor

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The CARTRIDGE DDR™ motor does not have bearings. It mounts to a machine using the machine's existing bearings to support the motor's rotor. The frame of the CARTRIDGE DDR™ motor mounts to a pilot and bolt circle on the machine frame much like a conventional motor.The rotor engages to the load using an innovative compression coupling, shipping clamp holds the rotor and feedback in place during transportation and mounting.

The motor brings a quantum leap when compared to any other direct drive configuration:

  • Cost effective and easy to mount
  • Saves months of engineering and days of installation of a frameless motor and feedback device
  • CARTRIDGE DDR™ requires a simple shaft and pilot configuration and less than 30 minutes from shipping container to operation.

Inertia matching

Since the CARTRIDGE DDR™ motor is directly connected to the machine, inertial matching is not required as it is on a conventional motor. With direct drive, inertia miss match of 250 to 1 is common and miss match of 800 to 1 has been implemented.

Literature / Drawings


The CARTRIDGE DDR™ motor can be mounted with any orientation including either a horizontal or vertical shaft. It is a simple and quick procedure to mount a CARTRIDGE DDR™ motor to a machine:

  • Slide the CARTRIDGE DDR™ motor onto the shaft
  • Bolt the housing to the machine frame
  • Torque the compression coupling
  • Unbolt the shipping clamp hardware and store it in the provided slots
  • Connect cables between the CARTRIDGE DDR™ and the servo amplifier
  • Commence operation


Flash demo: 
It's so simple to mount Cartridge 05 (5MB), Cartridge 13 (12MB)

Live Mounting
It's best to download - save locally and play later:



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