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S400 Drive

Table of Contents

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  • EMC filter integrated for the power supply
  • EMC filter integrated for the 24V auxiliary supply voltage
  • C2 acc. to EN 61800-3
  • All shielding connections are made directly on the amplifier
  • EG Declaration of Conformity


Digital / analog I/Os

  • 1 programmable analog input
  • 4 programmable digital inputs
  • 2 programmable digital outputs
  • RS232 service channel 

Position output (encoder emulation)



  • Safe electrical separation, as per EN 50178, between the power input / motor connections and the signal electronics.
  • Soft-start, overvoltage detection, short-circuit protection, phase-failure monitoring.
  • Temperature monitoring of the servo amplifier and motor (if our motors and prefabricated cables are used).
  • Ready to Operate (relay contact)

Auxiliary supply voltage

  • Electrically isolated, internal fusing, from an external 24V DC power supply unit with, for instance, isolating transformer or uninterruptible power supply.

Power Supply

Auxiliary supply voltage Mains power supply
  • From an external 24V DC power supply unit
  • Electrically isolated
  • Internal fusing
  • Large nominal voltage range
    1 x 115V AC (S40xM only, unearthed operation is permitted)
    3 x 115V AC (S40xM only, unearthed operation is permitted)
    1 x 230V AC (S40xM only, unearthed operation is permissible)
    3 x 230V AC (all types, unearthed operation is permissible)
    3 x 400V AC (S44xM only, TN-network or TT-network with earthed neutral point)
  • Fusing: (e.g. fusible cutout) to be provided by the user, see Fuses 

DC bus link

  • Brake circuit: with dynamic distribution of the regenerated power between several amplifiers on the same DC bus link circuit
  • Internal Brake Resistor as standard, external Brake Resistor if required.
  • DC bus link voltage can be connected in parallel
  • The sum of the rated currents for all of the servo amplifiers connected in parallel to an S400 Master must not exceed 40 A
  • Only servo amplifiers with mains supply from the same mains (identical mains supply voltage) may be connected by the DC bus link.
  • KCM Capacitor Module for S400 with 400V rated voltage.

Control circuits

  • Digital current controller (space vector, pulse-width modulation, 62.5 µs)
  • Adjustable digital speed controller (62.5 µs or 250 µs)
  • Integrated position controller, with adaptation possibilities for all applications (250 µs)


Application Notes

Further Information