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Technical Product Information



Sie können die Menüsprache und die Seitensprache unabhängig voneinander einstellen.
Menu Language: Wählen Sie die Menüsprache DE (Deutsch) oder EN (Englisch) Wenn die Sprache nach dem ersten Klick nicht umschaltet, bitte nochmal klicken
Page Language: zeigt die aktuelle Sprachversion der Seite; kann umgeschaltet werden, sofern eine zweite Sprachversion der Seite existiert.

Language selection

You can select menu language and page language separately. Both settings are independant from each other.
Menu Language: select menu language DE (german) or EN (english). If the language didn't change after the first click, please click again
Page Language: shows the current page language; you can select another language, if a translated version exists.


FAQs section is a collection of frequently asked questions to the products. All users can read the FAQs section and registered users can suggest a new FAQ. These suggestions will be checked by the responsible WIKI editors.


When using the WIKI, a temporary cookie is created on the users PC. This cookie contains the session ID of the active session and the menu setting. No other user data are stored in the cookie or transmitted and no data are used for other reasons than enabling the propper function of the session. The cookie expires when the browser is closed.

Protected Area

There are sections in the WIKI (e.g. section Internal or Partner ) which are specially protected. If you try to open a link to one of these sections, you need special access rights. To get access rights for the protected sections, please contact the Administrator. These rights must be authorized by the product management.


Product related pages and objects like Forum or FAQs are categorized. This enables the user to search for all pages related to a category in addition to the full text search tool.

Editor Rights

The editorial staff for the WIKI is a group of authorized editors. Registered users can request editor rights from the Administrator. These rights must be authorized by the product management. A list with editors can be found in the section Internal .

Comments, every registered user can participate

Every registered user can comment a WIKI page. With this tool you can correct mistakes or extend the content, even with no editor rights. The editors will check the comments permanently and will update the page. Anonymous users can request a registration from the Administrator.

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 This WIKI started on June 18th, 2008.