ASCII - Command ERND    
Syntax Transmit ERND [Data]    
Syntax Receive ERND <Data>   Available in  
Type Variable rw   MMI No
ASCII Format Integer32   CANBus Object Number 3638 (hex)
DIM -   PROFIBUS PNU 1912 (dec) IND = 1 (dec)
Range -   DPR 312 (dec)
Default 2^31-1    
Opmode -   Data Type Bus/DPR Integer32
Drive State Disabled + Reset (Coldstart)   Weighting  
Start Firmware 1.0    
Configuration Yes   Last Change of this Object 1.0
Function Group drive configuration   EEPROM Yes
Short Description End position of modulo axes


The ERND parameter is used to define the end of the range of movement for a modulo axes (POSCNFG=2). The start of the range can be set by the SRND command. All positioning operations are made in the positioning range <SRND...ERND-1>.
The entry for ERND is made in SI units (taking account of PGEARI, PGEARO).