ASCII - Command MJOG    
Syntax Transmit MJOG    
Syntax Receive MJOG   Available in  
Type Command   MMI Yes
ASCII Format -   CANBus Object Number 3591 (hex)
DIM -   PROFIBUS PNU 1745 (dec) IND = 1 (dec)
Range -   DPR 145 (dec)
Default -    
Opmode 8   Data Type Bus/DPR -
Drive State Enabled   Weighting  
Start Firmware 1.20    
Configuration No   Last Change of this Object 1.8
Function Group Position Controller   EEPROM -
Short Description Start Jog Mode


MJOG starts the jog mode via the serial interface (OPMODE 8 only ). The velocity in the jog mode is taken from VJOG (with sign). Jog mode is defined as a continuous motion at a constant velocity. This type of operation is started without a reference point being set (without homing). The hardware limit switches are monitored. Software limit switches are only monitored if a reference point is set (the drive has been homed). Acceleration and deceleration ramps are taken from the settings for homing (see ACCR, DECR, and VJOG).