ASCII - Command EXTPOS    
Syntax Transmit EXTPOS [Data]    
Syntax Receive EXTPOS <Data>   Available in  
Type Variable rw   MMI No
ASCII Format Integer8   CANBus Object Number 3539 (hex)
DIM -   PROFIBUS PNU 1657 (dec) IND = 1 (dec)
Range -30 ... 30   DPR 57 (dec)
Default 0    
Opmode All   Data Type Bus/DPR Integer8
Drive State Disabled + Reset (Coldstart)   Weighting  
Start Firmware 1.0    
Configuration Yes   Last Change of this Object 2.13
Function Group feedback   EEPROM Yes
Short Description Position Value For Position Control


The parameter EXTPOS define the source of feedback used for the position loop. For EXTPOS = 0 the motor feedback, defined by the command FBTYPE, will used for the position loop. For EXTPOS > 0 an external feedback will used for position loop. The gearing factor of the external feedback to bring the external position to 32Bit per revolution will set by the parameter EGEARO as a multiplier and EGEARI as a divisor.

If EXTPOS is set to negative values the feedback is read and the position stored in PFB0. The position loop acts with the commutation feedback (FBTYPE).

EXTPOS = -6 The sinus/cosinus-Feedback(5V) is read. The position can be monitored by ASCII-command PFB0.
The input of the external feedback is withput effect to the position control.

EGEARI and EGEARO can be used to set the ratio:

1. On all analog read position feedbacks EXTPOS=6,7,8,9 the position is calculated by the ENCLINES-setting and converted to the 32Bit/turn -format. The parameter EGEARI/EGEARO are only for the gearing-factor.
On EGEARI-feedback turn the motor makes EGEARO turns.

EGEARI=10,EGEARO=3 -> ratio 10 : 3

2. On all digital read position feedbacks( EXTPOS=1...4 )
the parameter ENCIN defines the feedback pulses / turn.
The parameter EGEARI/EGEARO sets the gearing-faktor.

An external digital Encoder has got 1024 pulses / turn,
on 1 feedback turn the motor runs 3 turns.
The necessary settings are:

ENCIN 1024,
Status connector Feedback for position control
EXTPOS = 0 - no external feedback
EXTPOS = 1 connector X3 24 V pulse / direction
EXTPOS = 2 connector X3 24 V digital encoder
EXTPOS = 3 connector X5 5 V digital encoder
EXTPOS = 4 connector X5 5 V pulse / direction
EXTPOS = 5 connector X5 SSI encoder
EXTPOS = 6 connector X1 5V SinCos Encoder
EXTPOS = 7 connector X1 12V SinCos Encoder
EXTPOS = 8 connector X1 ENDAT
EXTPOS = 9 connector X1 HIPERFACE
EXTPOS=10 connector X1 5V ROD encoder for actual position value in positon control mode
EXTPOS = 11 connector X1 5V BiSS-B digital feedback. The primary feedback has to be a resolver (FBTYPE = 0).

Fw >= 2.28
EXTPOS = 12 connector X1 BiSS C

Fw >= 5.18
EXTPOS = 13 connector X1 EnDat 2.2

ab Fw >= 5.18
EXTPOS = 25 connector X1 SSI Encoder

ab Fw >= 5.18
EXTPOS = 30 connector X1 5 V ROD digital Encoder

ab Fw >= 5.18