ASCII - Command STATCODE *    
Syntax Transmit STATCODE *    
Syntax Receive STATCODE * <Data>   Available in  
Type Command   MMI Yes
ASCII Format Integer32   CANBus Object Number -
Range 0 .. 0xFFFFFFFF   DPR No
Default -    
Opmode All   Data Type Bus/DPR -
Drive State -   Weighting  
Start Firmware 1.0    
Configuration No   Last Change of this Object 2.13
Function Group actual values   EEPROM No
Short Description Status Variable “Warnings”


The STATCODE * command returns the internal warnings in the form of a bit-variable.
The assignments for the individual bits can be seen in the following table.
Bit Display Meaning
0 / 0x00000001 n01 =1 I2T Threshold override
1 / 0x00000002 n02 =1 Regen message
2 / 0x00000004 n03 =1 Contouring error
3 / 0x00000008 n04 =1 watchdog limit reached
4 / 0x00000010 n05 =1 Line phase missing
5 / 0x00000020 n06 =1 Software limit switch 1 active
6 / 0x00000040 n07 =1 Software limit switch 2 active
7 / 0x00000080 n08 =1 Wrong motion task started
Bit is set if a not defined motion task was sellected, the target position is out of range (software limit switches) or wrong (out of range) settings for ACCR, DECR are used .

If a FW >=2.31 is used the checksum of the table motion task is active, this means the conversion tool 4.0 is necessary. In case a table motion task is created by an older conversion version it will effect a n08 warning.

The warning gets also active, if AUTOHOME is used or a digital input is selected as reference input ( for example IN1MODE 16 ) and OPMODE <> 4 or 8.
Starting a not existing table motion task can also be the reason (FW > 2.14)
8 / 0x00000100 n09 =1 Reference point not set
9 / 0x00000200 n10 =1 PSTOP active
is set as long as the hardware limit switch PSTOP active
is cleared when the hardware limit switch PSTOP is inactive.
10 / 0x00000400 n11 =1 NSTOP active
is set as long as the hardware NSTOP active
is deleted as soon as the hardware NSTOP is inactive.
11 / 0x00000800 n12 =1 Default motor settings loaded
is set at start-up phase when the engine number from the serial EEPROM and the engine number from the EnDAT or Hiperface encoder are different.
If you enter a valid motor number and storing the data in the encoder HSAVE and in the internal EEPROM SAVE is no longer issued this warning the next time the timer.
12 / 0x00001000 n13 =1 Slot warning (I/O extension board)

If no 24V supply voltage for the I/O card, the warning n13 generated and executed once an emergency stop. Subsequently, however, the drive can be moved without 24V I/O supply. If the application requires it, the user can by setting the bits generate an additional error F24 and thereby prevent any motor movement WMASK.

The monitoring of the 24V power supply can by configure CPHASE.
13 / 0x00002000 n14 = 1 This warning is issued in the following situations:

1. Wake & Shake active (e.g., FBTYPE = 7,8 ...)
As soon as the output stage has been enabled and the determination of the motor phase has been terminated, the warning is cleared.

2. Safe brake test (SBT) active
This function can only be activated if a safety card (S700) is used.

As long as the warning n14 is active, the external setpoints (for example, from the fieldbus interface) are ignored.
14 / 0x00004000 n15 reserved
15 / 0x00008000 n16 Is active, if one or more of the warnings n17...n31 are active.
16 / 0x00010000 n17 Fieldbus-Sync is not locked
17 / 0x00020000 n18 Using Multiturn encoder feedback, a overrun over the maximum number of resolutions (+/-2048) was detected
18 / 0x00040000 n19 The motion task ramps are limited (range overflow on motion task data)
19 / 0x00080000 n20 Invalid motion task
20 / 0x00100000 n21 PLC program error (for details see plc code)
21 / 0x00200000 n22 max. motortemperatur reached (the user can shut down the process before the temperature eror will interrupt the process immediately)
22 / 0x00400000 n23 Sin Cos Feedback warning level reached

see also VWM
23 / 0x00800000 n24 Bit is set to 1, if during boot up process the plausibility check is negative

see also ERRPARAM
24...30 n25 .. n31 reserved
31 / 0x80000000 n32 =1 Beta version of the firmware